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Making a Plan

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Now you are ready to take the first steps towards a storytelling project plan. 


1. What kind of soft launch will draw people to the project?  Will you invite people you hope to enlist as faciltators/story catchers later on? Will the soft launch focus on the first two circles of the map but be inclusive of all---having the high school students showcase their digital stories?


2.  Can you plan some small forays out into the communities less likely to participate?  Some kind of theme-based storytelling? Neighborhood get-togethers to explain the project and tell stories in small groups?  Informal-group-based storytelling? Some photo exhibits places around town?  Contests--team story quests about Biddeford?  Story-trivia night with prozes?  Showings of student stories on local radio/television? 


3.  Do you have other ideas for non-verbal storytelling that might appeal to this commnity?  Murals? Paintings?  Photo exhibits--now-and-then-and-in-the-future?


Fill in each wave with a storytelling activity/ies, harvest methods, target participants (who will tell, who will listen), goals and how each wave conects to the others.  Remember that revisions will occur during the process as opportunities present themselves.  As Betsy says, go towards synergy!  A sheet for committee members to use:  STORYTELLING PLANNING SHEET.doc


Keep in mind the original overview diagram as you plan the first waves:


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