Exercise A: Story Circle


An Old Russian Custom: Before Russians left their homes to emigrate, many would sit on their suitcases and look back at the past, around them at the present and then off down the road to the future, or so the saying goes.


Overview: We will be sharing one-minute stories about our connection to Biddeford.

Brainstorm 5 connections you have to Biddeford, 5 places of utmost significance to you in Biddeford, 3 words  you remmeber hearing others use in the nametag exercise, 3 adjectives that come to mind when you think of those three words.

In your story, you must:


1. Use one of the objects on the chair

2. incorporate one iten from each of the above brainstorms.


Follow-up:  Discuss what the group notices about the stories-- about which focussed on the past, which the present and which the future.  How did it feel to share and to listen?  Did you hear themes threaded through these stories?  What overall view of Biddeford would we get from these stories?  What is a value, even here, of a storycircle?